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Losing those last few pounds to get the look you want can seem nearly impossible. SculpSure® laser treatments available at Woman to Woman Gynecology in Raleigh, North Carolina, can help you lose fat in those areas that just won’t budge regardless of your efforts. Dr. Amy Bruton can help develop a customized plan to help you lose weight. Call the office or book an appointment online to find out more about SculpSure and its potential for weight loss.

Weight Loss Q & A

How does SculpSure help with weight loss?

SculpSure complements your efforts to lose weight and refine your physique. If you have a body mass index of 30 or below and have problem areas such as your abdomen, thighs, back, or under the chin, the laser energy can target fat cells in these regions so they’re destroyed and eliminated by your body. Any one session of SculpSure eliminates up to 24% of fat in a target area.

How is SculpSure weight loss different than conventional methods?

You have a set number of fat cells as an adult and your body does not tend to produce more. When you gain weight, these fat cells plump, but when you lose weight, they aren’t eliminated – they simply shrink. If you overindulge or stop exercising, these fat cells may swell and make you gain weight.

With SculpSure, fat cells do not shrink – they go away, for good. SculpSure destroys the fat cells and your body gets rid of them. This means they can’t plump back up – ever.

How many treatments with SculpSure will I need?

Dr. Bruton reviews your weight-loss goals and creates a customized treatment plan to help you achieve them. Most patients benefit from a series of SculpSure treatments.

When will I see results from SculpSure?

Weight-loss results with SculpSure start to become evident after six weeks when the disrupted fat cells start to leave your body through the natural waste removal processes. You see optimal results after about 12 weeks.

Is SculpSure painful or have a lot of side effects?

Most patients tolerate SculpSure treatments quite well. The procedure requires no sedation or topical numbing creams. During a session, you feel a cooling sensation to help keep your skin comfortable that’s then followed by cycles of laser heat and tingling.

Side effects are minimal and you can return to your daily activities following a treatment session. You may have some redness where the laser touched your skin, but this resolves quickly.

To learn how SculpSure can enhance your weight-loss efforts, call Woman to Woman Gynecology or book an appointment online.